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ONDATAPERF WEB SERVICE We provide ORACLE database performance analysis using your STATSPACK or AWR METRICS that is generated from your database. All that is required are simple text files that are uploaded to the OnDataperf performance analysis engine. This can be done manually or unattended utilizing the OnDataperf web service.

We provide Wholesale "Private Label" VoIP offering. You can package our VoIP Offering/Solutions to your end-users without having to make large investment in Soft Switches, Back Office systems, etc.
Start your International Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Business today. Minimal set up fee, and your International Telecom Business is ready to go! Offer FREE international calling between subscribers and calls to non-subscribers at a fraction of their current costs.

TOP MOST QUERIES with high cost with respect to CPU TIME

WAIT Breakdown (TOP MOST Important WAITS)

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