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Does ONDATAPERF supports Utlbstat and Utlestat ?
These particular utilities are considered to be obsolete but they are supported by ONDATAPERF. Below is the ONDATAPERF Oracle database versions compatability metrics;
                  AWR :   V10.1.x, V10.2.x, V11.1.0.7, V11.2.x
    STATSPACK  :   V8.1.7, V9.0.x, V9.2.x, V10.1.x, V10.2.x, V11.1.x, V11.2.x
BSTAT/ESTAT  :   V7.3.4, V8.0.6, V8.1.7, V9.0.x, V9.2.x

How many snapshots do I need to make in order for ONDATAPERF to provide meaningful information ?
Snapshots must be taken at a regular intervals. It is recommended that you have at least 24 AWR reports in text format (with at least one hour elapsed time). These text files should be compressed and uploaded to ONDATAPERF as single zip file. ONDATAPERF is not able to process a capture with only one report, it will not be able to create the charts with a single snap. .

How does the FREE edition of ONDATAPERF differs from the PREMIUM editions ?
The FREE edition provides acccess to the ONDATAPERF application via the web - (no subscription is required). The FRRE edition provides basic performance analysis reports. With PREMIUM editions, the performance analysis report is fully functional. All charts and advices are available. .

Do I need to have DBA Skills in order to interpret a ONDATAPERF report ?
Clients who subscribe to the ONDATAPERF WEB SERVICE (Premium account with customer/client support) do not need to have DBA Skills in order to interpret the reports that are provided. Our Client Support Services Team will help in the interpretation of performance analysis reports..

Does ONDATAPERF need to connect to my production database ?
No! There is no need for ONDATAPERF to connect to your Oracle database. All information provided to ONDATAPERF is via text files. These text files (AWR and STATSPAK) are retrievied from your database within your own enviromnent. These text files are then compressed and provided to ONDATAPERF. -(No SQL connection with your database is required)..

Why do I need to subscribe to ONDATAPERF WEB SERVCE ?
A subscripton to ONDATAPERF WEBSERVICE will enable your company to be more proactive with respect to solving performance related issues that relates to your Oracle databases. You will have graphical information at your fingers tips that will enable you to easily determine the health of your database. ONDATAPERF WEBSERVICE enables the following;
  • Single Day Reports - (24 snapshots at sixty (60) minutes intervals).
  • Monthly Reports - (28 plus snapshots for each 24 hour period).
  • Custom Reports - Weekly Reports (Seven (7) daily snapshots at sixty (60) minutes intervals).
  • ALERTS / NOTIFICATIONS - (Threshold based alertiing via eMail, Text Message or Telephone).

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