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On-Site Consulting Services

In addition to on-site consulting services that is related to ORACLE database performance tuning, architecture and administration. Our consultants will work with your organization to create consistent and scalable database platforms that exploit Relational Database Management Systems - (Oracle, MySQL, and SQLServer …etl) and commodity hardware systems that can be networked to provide higher levels of scalability and reliability.

Our approach/design utilizes proven hardware configurations such as rack mountable systems that leverage the Intel chip architectures and Linux operating systems. It is intended to support large-scale databases which can be used to provide shared database hosting as well as handle ultra-large database applications

In addition to satisfying our client's requirements, our consultants function as mentors to their in-house staff. Cotran is a results oriented organization founded on solid technology and industry experience. Our consultants are encouraged to be "clientaware", in the performance of their duties.

Along with large scale and expandable performance, our approach/designs also provide higher levels of availability and continuity of operations through the establishment of mission continuity installations using technologies which are database-aware. They are repeatable as new instances are created within your organization.

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