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ONDATAPERF WEB SERVICE for ORACLE databases provides you with performance information using your STATSPACK or AWR METRICS that is generated from your database. In a matter of minutes we are able to provide you with a performance analysis report that includes a global grade, comments and charts that will enable you better understand and resolve performance bottlenecks. This offering features;

  • Automatic daily uploads of database information (STATSPACK or AWR METRICS) of the last production day.
  • A threshold base ALERTING SYSTEM that generates ALERTS (eMail, Text Message or a Telephone Call).
  • Automatic monthly performance monitoring report - (Summary).

We will provide you with a utility that is compatible with your (Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003, Linux) client. This client will interface with your DATABASE SERVER and will automate the uploading of your database information (STATSPACK or AWR METRICS) from your intranet to the ONDATAPERF web service.

It is not necessary to open any additional output ports to take advantage of the ONDATAPERF Webservice, we leverage the use of your existing http web services for the transport of STATSPACK or AWR METRICS to the analysis engine and the subsequent delivery of the analyzed, formatted reports back to you.

The fact that your client is able to gain access to http://cotrantech.com via a universal client (web-browser) you will be able send us via the script that we provide you, the information that we will require to generate the necessary performance reports.

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